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The trip I took with Moe Mountains was the highlight of my summer.


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Whether you are an experienced backpacker or not, you will always learn something new with Moe Mountains. Lauren (our guide and owner of Moe Mountains) was so knowledgeable, experienced, kind, and encouraging, anyone who goes on a trip is in good hands. I got to meet some incredible women from all ages and all parts of the United States. They became fast friends and are a group of people I will never forget. If you are debating a backpacking trip with Moe mountains, you just have to go for it, I promise you won’t regret it!


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Amazing guided hiking experience for women! Provided education in the months leading to my trip, fully outfitted me with gear, and lots of real time coaching before and during the trip. Can't wait to go back.


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What an experience. Our group of 7 strangers became a team & we all had such a fabulous time. Lauren prepared us perfectly. She sends videos & you feel like she’s your friend before you even meet her. I loved that any time I would text a question (which was rare bc she keeps you so informed) she would respond with a voice text. She does a lot of homework & picks amazing trails & camp spots. It was such a positive experience & I am so grateful I got to be a part of it.



We are booking spots for 2024!

TWO trips are almost sold out for 2024, but we still have spots left!

Here is the process for saving your spot on a 2024 Moe Mountains trip:

  • Each woman must complete our application form so we can ensure our trips will be an enjoyable & safe adventure for you. We will take into consideration prior experience, fitness level and other general information to make sure this will be the best possible fit for you and the other women joining.

  • Once your application is reviewed by Moe Mountains and approved, we’ll invite you to book a spot by purchasing our Summit Pack. Keep scrolling to see more details and what is included in the Summit Pack!
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Wait for Approval

Your application will be reviewed & if approved, you’ll be invited to book a spot

Buy your spot

2024 Backpacking Trip Info

To see where our backpacking trips will be for our 2024 season, click the link below to get all the details!

How our trips work

Our backpacking trips are for every experience level! We take pride in building a solid community, while preparing the women thoroughly to experience an unforgettable adventure. Below are the three pillars we at Moe Mountains believe are essential in making sure you have an unforgettably positive experience and walk away feeling empowered and uplifted.

Physical Prep

You will have full access to a 3 month fitness plan that can be customized to you needs. You will be prepared and strengthened physically & be amazed when we hit the trail at what you are capable of and where your body can take you!

Backpacking Prep Course

You will be lead through an 8 week backpacking specific prep course before our trip. We will talk about all the common questions, fears and need to know info. You will feel confident and be equipped with new knowledge at the end of our prep course.

Building Community

Before we even meet, you’ll be put in a group with the other women coming on your trip. We will all complete the prep course together, and be able to get to know each other a bit before our time together in the mountains. You’ll also have full access to Lauren before the trip to be able to ask any and all questions.

4 days of adventure
Trip Itinerary

Day One: Thursday

  • Gathering up all the women & traveling to Air BNB
  • Group dinner + packing

Day Two-Three: Friday + Saturday

  • Hiking adventure!
  • Spend 2 nights in the mountains
  • Day hike

Day Four: Sunday

  • Hike back home
  • Travel back to civilization and get dropped off

To save your spot on a Moe Mountains trip,

purchase our Summit Pack!

Summit Package

What's Included:

  • 12 Week Fitness Program
  • 8 Week Prep Course
  • Transportation from airport (if traveling) day one
  • Transportation to Air BNB day one
  • Transportation to and from trailhead
  • All backpacking gear needed for trip (complete outfitting or use of certain gear items)
  • Lodging at Airbnb night one
  • All Backpacking Meals
  • Guided adventure
  • Water filter
  • Cooking stove
  • Transportation back to Bozeman after trip
  • Experience of a lifetime

What you're responsible for:

  • Hiking boots
  • Hiking clothes & toiletries
  • Any extra food/snacks you'd like
  • Plane ticket (if traveling from out of state)
  • Any lodging needed before/after the trip
Trip spots are limited

To reserve your spot,

follow the steps below!

  • Get on our Newsletter Email List.
  • Fill out our application (click here)
  • Once the application has been completed, you’ll be prompted to pay the $25 application fee (this can be applied to your trip cost). Once the fee is paid, your application will be reviewed and we will reach out to you to invite you to book if we feel this is a great fit. If we do not think you will enjoy backpacking with us, your application fee will be fully refunded.
  • Have any specific questions/concerns? Email us at
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Take 3 minutes to hear from Sam about her time in the mountains with us!

We loved having Sam join the adventures and feel honored to be the first backpacking trip her little nugget has been on!

We get to hear if its a boy or a girl very soon!

Moe Mountains Scholarship Fund

We are dedicated to ensuring that every woman has the opportunity to experience the transformative benefits of a Moe Mountains trip.

However, we understand that there are some who may be unable to afford such an experience, regardless of their desire.

That's why we've established the Moe Mountains scholarship fund.

Each season, we'll be offering a trip spot to a woman who is in dire need of rejuvenating time amidst the mountains.

Our aim is to grant this opportunity to a woman who is experiencing hardship, grief, loneliness, or simply needs a respite to recover from life's challenges.

Could you help us make that happen?

Next steps...


To Donate

To give to our scholarship fund, click the button below to give an amount of your choice.


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Contribute Today

To apply

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please fill out an application by clicking the button below.

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Apply Here


To Submit

If you have a woman in your life who you think would benefit greatly from time in the mountains, you can apply for her. Please make sure a trip is something she is open to and wants in her life.

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Apply on behalf

Thank You!

Each season, we're excited to share who the recipient of the Moe Mountains scholarship is with you.

Knowing who she is will surely warm your heart and brighten your day.

It's truly uplifting to know that your contribution played a significant role in providing health, hope, and much-needed time in the mountains to a woman who genuinely needed this kind gesture.

Thank You!

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Scholarship Goal: $1,197

Funds so far: $250

Updated 7/1/24

8 Week Prep Course is Here!

If you've never done a backpacking trip & are overwhelmed at where to start, take our prep course to help you feel confident & ready for your new adventure!

Click our logo to access the prep course
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About Us

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Hello friend! My name is Lauren, and I am the founding owner of Moe Mountains. Our mission is to take women into nature and open the doors for them to be immersed in a supportive & new community, empowering challenges, & healing adventures that they otherwise may not ever have the opportunity to experience.

Nature has a special place in my story, as it is what helped me heal after my mom unexpectedly died in an accident 14 years ago. My time spent in the forest was so healthy & impactful to me. I was able to process, grieve, wrestle with emotions, struggle, build confidence and hope in the mountains. All of these things brought about health and I will forever be grateful for God’s creation that supports us in numerous ways, some we don’t even recognize yet.

My hope with starting Moe Mountains is that it will be a platform for enabling me to turn around and help the women in my circles experience a transformation they are needing to flourish in their lives.

I want the woman who is unsure if she can do hard things to feel that thrill and empowerment of reaching the summit. I want the woman who is hurting & barely holding it together to be able to sit beside a river and listen to the calming water, and let herself cry & process the heavy emotions she has been carrying. I want the woman who is lonely to have her heart encouraged and uplifted with new friends & be able to experience adventures that normal daily life cannot offer (since when do we get to throw our food up into a tree overnight or share a poop shovel or smell to high heavens on the ride home during “normal life”)?

I want the woman who is overworked and frazzled to have the opportunity to change her pace in a healthy way, unplug and restore her soul.

The mountains have done all this for me & I am thrilled to have the honor of leading women to that same opportunity.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns or would just like to be kept in the loop, here are some ways to contact and stay connected to Moe Mountains!


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